About India

About Indians

1. They consider their tradition as important thing
2. They like saving
3. They act slowly
4. They respect
5. They dont give up work
6. They consider their procedure as important thing

- The skills of Indian negotiation
1. When the negotiation is not beneficial for them, they will wait until that negotiation becomes beneficial for them.
2. When they have advantages over their opposite party, Indian make them keep waiting.
3. They have good memory for helping their negotiation more beneficial to them.
4. The purpose of most negotiation is information gathering.
5. They ask everything to their opposite party in advance.

Tips for negotiating with Indian

1. When you have first meeting with Indian, just tell them. Dont waste time.
2. Throw away shame.
3. They will not keep their promises every-time.
4. Dont believe that they believe you.
5. Ask many things in advance just like Indians.

- When you are doing business with Indian, keep reminding 10 things given below.

1. India is diversity in politics and accepts Western rationalism.
2. Dont overestimate the scale of Indian market.
3. Be aware of poor infrastructure in India.
4. Solo investment is much better than joint venture.
5. Application of local competent Human resource, beyond regulation and wall of person
6. Dont be in hurry and dont give up. You need to be calm and patience
7. Every discussion should be decided by documents.
8. Take note of changing laws
9. Target each regional places and stronghold places
10. Check credibility of your Indian partner thoroughly.

Dear those who are interested in business in India.
We want to help for those people who

- Want to enter Indian market but no ideas about India.
- Cant visit for business trip in India, but need fresh information about India.
- Have communication problem to enter Indian market.
- Want to find Indian buyers and partners who is reliable.
- Want to export your own products to India.
- Want to hold exhibitions and business meetings in India.

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