Customs Clearance/Tax Advisory

Most of Korean/Japanese Companies usually doing export production facilities and raw materials to India

And also, they do investment in kind of production facilities and technologies of source sometimes

These practical details that arise in the course of the practitioners in both countries are not easy to respond.

If you are not able to handle import and export of equipment or raw materials, customs, duty-free procedure, Substantial tariffs and VAT [tax]. Then you will be charged on higher price.

Koindo provides professional advisory service for proposed tax saving tips, reducing working time, ensure the rational distribution

Main Services

1. Seeking ways to exempting Customs / Import VAT and reducing

2. Act as a proxy for you for your tax exemption benefit (Encourage development of the country and obtaining confirmation of foreign entry and certificate of duty free)

3. Recommend you freight forwarder which is in charge of marine transport and customs clearance

4. Recommend local customs Clearance Company which will process work and construct organic working system with related companies

5. Guide necessary tips for writing facility user's guide and act as a proxy of writing English form when you apply duty free.

6. Guide countermeasure and tips about equipment inspection of national quarantine about factorys equipment.

7. We provide counseling service about other equipment customs clearance which is required from Customer Company.

Consulting Process

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