Products for Export from India

Gems & birth stones

  Gem Stones are widely used for making attractive jewelries like rings and bracelets. gem stones are well polished,    properly cut and cleaned to ensure high quality.

   Variety of types of gem stones :
    * Cut & polished gemstones
    * Colored stones
    * Emerald
    * Rubies
    * Sapphire
                                             * Cats eye
                                             * Coral
                                             * Pearl

birth stones

Each month has a unique gemstone, that represents that month. These astrological birthstones are associated with that particular calendar months of the year and are supposed lucky to people, who were born in those months. Therefore, wearing the appropriate lucky birthstones is always considered to bring luck and prosperity in the life of wearers. These precious birthstones also have some therapeutic characteristics and power to ward off the ill-effects of planets.

Fashion Jewelry

    Indian fashion jewelery has a wide array of traditional & trendy ornaments like necklaces, bangles, bracelets, hand   cuff, ear ring & other beaded jewelery which are made of ceramic, wood, jute, lac, leather, stone, glass, bone, horn,   chemical, shell, etc.

Handcraft Items

The diverse Indian cultures, lifestyles, traditions etc. have lent the most vibrant and exquisite designs to handicrafts. They come in a spellbinding variety of vibrant motifs and designs. The beautiful artifacts that have surfaced from the Harrappan and Mohanjodaro civilization sites reveal the artistic inclinations of the ancient man. Today, the same technique and crafts perfected over centuries continue to captivate the aesthetics of the modern person.

Cotton yarn, fabrics

    India provide the best quality colorful cotton yarn that includes organic cotton yarn and cotton blended yarn.    Cotton yarn is produced from genuine quality fiber, which is obtained from the seed hair of the cotton plant. Indias    cotton yarn is used to manufacture genuine quality cotton fabrics. The significant feature of our cotton yarn is its    high tensile strength and its superior quality.

Iron ore

India is one of the richest sources of iron ore deposits in the world. Iron ore, which is also known as hematite, occurs in abundance in the country. Iron ore reserves account for almost two-third of the entire iron ore reserves in India. Interestingly, India holds a leading position in the list of leading iron ore reserve countries. Moreover, the iron ore reserves are easily accessible and also high grade. They are also good for smelting as they are free from impurities like phosphorous and sulphur. Iron ore is vastly distributed throughout the country but its huge deposits are concentrated only in a few selected districts.

Drugs, pharmaceuticals

     The Pharmaceutical industry in India is the world's third-largest in terms of volume and stands 14th in terms of      value. According to Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, the total turnover of      India's pharmaceuticals industry between 2008 and September 2009 was US$21.04 billion. While the domestic      market was worth US$12.26 billion. Sale of all types of medicines in the country is expected to reach around      US$19.22 billion by 2012. Exports of pharmaceuticals products from India increased from US$6.23 billion in      2006-07 to US$8.7 billion in 2008-09 a combined annual growth rate of 21.25%. According to      PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in 2010, India joined among the league of top 10 global pharmaceuticals      markets in terms of sales by 2020 with value reaching US$50 billion.

Herbal items (Health related products)

    Herbs are more commonly called plants that have some value with them. They are used because of their     qualities such as flavours, scent or some other properties. Each herb is used in different ways. They are mainly     used for cooking and for making herbal products that are used for treating various diseases. Indian herbs are a     significant part of the history of Ayurveda, the system of traditional medicine which is now popularly called     alternative medicine. The herbs have been used by the Vaidyas- the traditional Indian doctors for Ayurvedic     treatment- since ages.

Products for gift from India

Indian Tea

    Tea is an essential part of Indian life. Visit Darjeeling or Assam to see how tea is grown and prepared, and be sure     to bring home a few boxes of your favorite varieties. No time for a tea plantation? Go to any tourist emporium for     attractively wrapped teas from all different regions of India.


The subcontinent is sure to assault your senses, smell being particularly strong. Incense is used at shrines and temples, and you can find hundreds of different scents. Pair the sticks with a carved incense box or marble incense stand to make a nice gift for a friend back home.


    You've got tea for taste, incense for smell, and now you can bangles for their sound. Glass bangles are the     cheapest, but metal bangles are more likely to survive the onward journey. Bangles make great gifts for any little     girls in your life.

Inlaid Marble

Agra is famous for its inlaid marble work, as well as for the touts who sell it at exorbitant prices. A popular souvenir is a miniature marble Taj Mahal, but tourists also buy expensive inlaid marble tabletops, jewelry boxes and even lamps. If you're brought to a marble shop by a taxi or rickshaw driver, expect to pay extra for his commission. Remember that marble is heavy if you need to carry it home.

Scarves, Shawls & Saris

    If you plan to attend Indian weddings or functions be sure to pick up a gorgeous sari during your shopping in     India. It's hard to decide which type of material to get, so it's best to shop for saris with a local friend. Stock up     on beautiful scarves and shawls for your aunts, sisters and friends back home.

Henna Dye

Women in India love to dye their hands and feet with henna for festive occasions. Henna has been all the rage in the West, but it's quite expensive to get it done. Buy a few tubes of henna dye to give your next special day an Indian touch.


    If you've got the budget and room in your suitcase go for a handmade carpet. You can usually find these in the     Northern provinces at their cheapest prices because there you'll be buying closer to the source.

Leather Shoes

Curly-toed leather shoes are another popular souvenir. Rajastan is a great place to buy different types of leather shoes. You can get ones with embroidery or traditional leatherworking. Shopping in India is an experience you'll never forget, and hopefully it will be because you had an amazing time. Bargain hard and try not to get ripped off too much! Remember, there's usually a local price and a 'foreigner' price, which can be ten times as much.

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