Factory Construction/ Land Purchase

Productivity enterprise which wants to lead in management activity in India is obliged to push ahead for land contract and have to construct factory to secure factory land after the land contract that land is decided to secure as a factory land.

Koindo will support to secure land at reasonable price and safety. We have experience and wide knowledge so we can help you in various working-level work process to secure factory land.

And also, We protect the property right of enterprise as a manager at process of factory construction.

Main Services

1. Law stability survey about the right of using of land (The matter of acquiring the right of using of land from Indian government)
-> Confirmation of acquiring certificate of development zone and check land lease contract legally
-> Checking whether there are contractor who is doing contract.
-> Examination of contract & correct the working process, etc. to get lease contract of the right of using of land

2. Examination of factory lease contract and right opinion to provide in case of lease contract of factory

3. Work progress in advance to construct factory
-> We recommend and select process enterprise for doing land surveying, environment evaluate
-> Checking whether there are contractor who is doing contract.
-> Performance of work modification is possible to handle work with process companies easily .

4. We work as a mediator for doing the assignment performance with Design/ construction/ supervision of companies

5. Act as a proxy of administration work at processing of Design/execution of works /complete of construction .

6. We Provide service which is related with work and we request from Customer Company.

Consulting Process

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