Act as a proxy of Corporate Establishment

Beginning of Indian business start from Local Corporate

Local corporate establishment is very difficult for foreign people because of communication problem and contacting government problems.

Koindo will act as a proxy company to use the Local Network in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai as soon as possible.

Main Services

1. Policy survey of government about corporate establishment
-> encourage/restriction/prohibited field

2. Details of Licensing survey at processing corporate establishment
-> Example: Food Hygiene license, medical equipment management license and so on.

3. Document which is submitted translation at processing corporate establishment.

4. Ratify acquire agent about corporate establishment from the central or local government
Foreign-invested enterprises ratify certificate acquire

5. (It is similar to corporate establishment registration procedure) acquire agent at local Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau

6. Various registration (Tax / foreign exchange / financial / customs, etc.) procedure agent.

7. Agency/agent work deployment about acquiring licensing

Consulting Process

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