Marketing survey/ Market Rresearch

Koindo provides marketing and market research services with market research specialized agency for supporting customers success marketing.

We contribute to revenue maximization through Objective and accurate research, the best marketing strategy, effective and customer-oriented execution

Main Services

1. Progressing marketing environment analysis
-> Research and analysis that macroscopic environment analysis: Economic income (income, price, interest rate, economic growth rate, exchange rate, etc.), technology environment (Degree of generalization of technology, technology development trends, alternative/competing goods the possibility of the emergence, etc.) legal environment (governmental regulation, related law and policy)

-> We analysis market/industry analysis: The size of custom company products market breadth and growth rate (It can be predicted thorough the number of buyer average of purchasing volume, average of price, average market growth rate), or Predict customer companys profit through degree of competition (the number of competing company/ size, etc.), replacement, customer and supplier.

-> Competition analysis: We research and analysis that technology innovation, finance/capital finance skill, marketing skill, customer base in detail

-> Customer analysis: According to local, social stratification, an income level, generation, etc., we survey and research motivating / level/ step etc.

2. Marketing strategy planning Market segmentation, market target, strategy related with positioning & planning

3. Planning and practice about 5p strategy for enter to Indian market
-> Product strategy/ price strategy/ promoting strategy/ marketing strategy/ marketing man power strategy
-> Making planning and perform for performing marketing

4. We provide counseling service about marketing research which is requested from customer.

Consulting Process

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