Staff of the Indian market and all are located, has rich experience for the overseas market.


  Our alliance with the Indian buyers is continuously sustained the core strengths of Koindo.


  All staff can speak the local language and English fluentely.
  We're trying to maintain a sustained relationship with customers and potential customers excavation.
  We have a dedicated team for each business area.

  India business consulting

Do you want to establish your office in India?

Are you in trouble to decide about where to locate and what permission you receive?
Don’t worry!!
The expert of KOINDO set up your office, various registrations, office setting as per your request.

Do you want to sell your own products in India?

Leave it to KOINDO the specialist of trading.
Dozens of small and medium Korean enterprises are exporting their products through KOINDO.
KOINDO is taking an active part as not only as a vendor of the largest distributor but also doing home shopping company in India dealing
in retail and wholesale license.
Please give a chance to us to find your goods by Indian customers!

Can I help you to solve the tricky finance problem in India?

We support overall accounting such as domestic accounting, paycheck, transfer prices.

Can I help you to do credit investigation?

In India, It is more important to meet trustworthy partners than any other thing.
It is possible to do credit investigation of existing partners as well as introducing buyer and partner who has many years of experiences.

Do you want to employ a competent native?

Based on our years of experience, we support you to employ a native person who is capable and reliable.
You can depute human resource affairs that from recruit to employee benefit to us.

Do you want to conduct a seminar or exhibition?

We already have arranged and conducted several seminars and exhibition successfully.

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